Staking Options

Use your "free money" (profit) to accumulate other tokens. Deposit LP1. Yield from LP1 accumulates LP2. LP2 autocompounds in a bank to buy more LP2. Fully automated, shared gas costs, generate performance fee.
Example: Deposit BUSD-USDC, use your profits to buy BTCB-ETH that yields and generates more BTCB-ETH.
Result: An exceedingly low exposure way to DCA (dollar cost average) and accumulate tokens without timing the price bottom or putting in new funds.
Automate taking profit. Deposit LP1. Yield from LP1 is taken out to a stable LP in a bank that autocompounds into more stables. Fully automated, shared gas costs, generate performance fee.
Example: Deposit ETH-BUSD, profit buys BUSD-USDC and autocompounds into more BUSD-USDC
Result: Ensure you are gaining a free position from your investment by automating profit taking and have that profit continue to generate yield.


Bloomify Vaults are fully automated methods of reinvesting your profits back into your original LP. Fully automated, shared gas costs, generate performance fee. Want more customization? See Advanced below.
Example: Deposit LP1, compound earnings 100% back into LP1


Bloomify Farms allow users to stake one token or LP and earn another. Note there is no compounding feature, all yield must be managed manually. There is no run strategy either, the farm continues to yield as long as you are staked and there is yield being generated. Want to autocompound? Check out one of the above options.
Example: Stake LP1, earn Token A
Bloomify Strategies give you customizable yield optimization options. Looking for fully automated options? Check out Vaults above. Note all strategies have at least one component that will need to be manually run when sufficient profit is accrued. See run fees for more.
Example: Deposit LP1, split yield between profit, compounding back into LP1 and buying LP2.


*Only the Vault or Bank portion of strategy has a 0.1% withdrawal fee