Using Spookyswap


Swapping with Spookyswap

  • First connect to Fantom Opera with your MetaMask wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button on the top left. MetaMask will ask your permission to switch networks.
  • Go to "Swap"
  • Choose the token you want to swap from by clicking on the "From" token, a window will pop up to select the token with your balances
  • If the token you're looking for is not in the default list, you can add it by entering its address in the search box, and an option to add it to the list will appear
  • Once you have selected your "From" token, select your "To" token the same way
  • If you haven't approved the tokens yet, you will be prompted to approve them. Click on the "Approve" button, and your wallet will ask you to confirm the approval. This may take a few seconds in the network to approve.
  • Once "Swap" appears enabled, you can click swap, your wallet will ask you for your permission.
  • You will see the "Transaction Submitted" screen when your request to swap has been sent to Fantom to process. To check on the progress, you can click on "view on ftmscan", or view the activity link in your wallet.
Creating LP Tokens Using the LP Zapper
To create LP tokens, the LP Zapper is the easiest way. Use the Charge DeFi website, click on the Charge DeFi Tools button in the lower right of the screen to see the LP Zapper button. On the LP Zapper, you have 2 tabs: Create LP and Break LP (default = Create LP) Select which token you want to create the LP tokens from the list. Enter the amount you want to use or click the Max button. Select which LP you want to create: $Static-USDC or $Charge-USDC. Review your order, confirm everything is accurate, then click the Create LP button. Your wallet will pop up and you'll need to approve the transaction in your wallet too, to complete the order. When the transaction completes and confirmed by the chain, the LP tokens appear in your wallet.

Creating LP tokens directly from Spookyswap

The LP Zapper in the Charge DeFi Tools button is the preferred method to create LP, but here's how to do it without the Zapper. On the Spookyswap website, go to Liquidity. Select USDC in the top box. In the bottom box, enter the fCharge or fStatic token address. Enter the amount of each token you want to use to create the LP token. Click the "Supply" button and then "Confirm Supply" on the popup. Lastly, Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Read more on creating LP tokens on Spookyswap.
Please note: Only create $Static-USDC and $Charge-USDC LP tokens. Other pairs are not supported.