FTM Bridging

Getting Started
On Fantom Opera Network (FTM), you'll need USDC (to create LPs) and FTM (for gas). You can get USDC on most exchanges, and then bridge that onto Fantom and get some FTM; or you can bridge other supported tokens onto Fantom and then swap those for USDC and FTM.
Bridging can be done via Spookyswap: spookyswap.finance/bridge


If you are a current BSC or other chain user you will need to securely bridge funds to the Fantom Network. Navigate to Spookyswap, select the Bridge tab. Please note that Spookyswap will ask you to setup or will switch your wallet network to Fantom Opera Network. If you need to manually setup your wallet please see here.
Use a supported token listed on the Spookyswap bridge page. Select the correct chain the token is coming FROM, click Select a Token and choose the token you want to SEND. Enter the amount, double check everything, and click Bridge Token. Approve the transaction in your wallet.
Bridging can take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the network congestion.

Get Gas

Once your tokens are successfully bridged to Fantom: use the faucet to get some FTM (gas) for FREE. Conditions for using the faucet are:
  1. 1.
    Your wallet must never used or received FTM on Fantom Opera network
  2. 2.
    You have recently bridged using anyswap.exchange or spookyswap.finance
Bridging $Charge from BSC to FTM became available in May in limited amounts (see FTM Tokenomics