FTM - Fantom Opera Network

Fantom Opera Network is a secure and fast environment to build decentralized applications. It is fully permissionless and open-source. It uses FTM as gas for all transactions. It can easily connect to many wallets such as Metamask and more.
In order to use Fantom with Charge DeFi you will need a wallet properly set-up for Fantom along with FTM in your wallet for gas. Gas fees vary with network congestion. Please check here for details on getting free Fantom gas.
Charge DeFi launched on Fantom network 15 April 2022. xStatic Members had the option to farm Fantom IOU tokens (Static and Charge) from staking in the xStatic pools before the launch date. Wallets containing Static / Charge IOU tokens were airdropped real FTM tokens 14 April 2022.
Fantom Charge and Static tokens are available on spooky.fi xStatic holders will have all the initial supply on Fantom at launch, you can't buy tokens on spookyswap until xStatic holders sell them.


Initial list price for Static was 10 USDC. There was no initial available quantity of Static for purchase, at launch. The only available quantity will be fStatic that holders sell off.


Initial list price for Charge was 625 USDC. 40K $Charge was used to create Charge. (There is 160K max on BSC $Charge, see Tokenomics for more). 23 May 2022 bridging $Charge from BSC to FTM will become available on Spookyswap. 4000 $Charge from the project wallet will be used to fund the initial liquidity for bridging, after that 4000 is depleted, it's up to the community fund the liquidity.
Bootstrap Deposit 4,000 Charge One-time Deposit Subsequent Deposits 56,000 Charge Linearly every epoch over 4 months from Bootstrap
Note these tokens will not count to the circulating supply and will be added to the bridge by contracts where the liquidity tokens are permanently locked.