Can't Find My...

I don't see my tokens anymore:

This can happen for a number of reasons, please check the following before contacting support:
  • Are the token addresses imported to your wallet?
  • Have you confirmed the transaction was successful on bscscan for BSC or ftmscan for FTM?
  • When you Deposit (stake) your tokens in the Farms, Boardroom, or Beefy pool, you will not see them in your wallet anymore.
  • For most LPs (FTM check Spookyswap and BSC check Pancakeswap) and remove potion (FTM) or remove LP (BSC). You may need to import token addresses, but it should detect the LP you have
  • When in doubt, restart + refresh

I can't see the Pulse page to redeem my $Pulse:

You need to have at least 0.01 $Pulse in your wallet for the page to be visible. If you have enough $Pulse, try CTRL+F5 in Windows, CMD+R in Mac to force-refresh the page and bypass the cache. If that doesn't work, clear your cache and cookies and try again. Next, try switching the mainnet in your wallet and let switch it back, and refresh the page. Still can't see it? Post a message in #Support in Discord or on Telegram for assistance.
My bridge was successful but I have anyCharge now?
If there is not sufficient liquidity, you will receive anyCharge and have two options:
  • Wait for liquidity on FTM side and try to claim
  • Bridge back to BSC and claim $Charge on BSC side
My unlock period is up but I can't find my xStatic!
  • Make sure your xStatic is not currently staked in a farm under Farms
  • Make sure your xStatic is in the exact same wallet as you originally received it in, it must be in the same wallet to be redeemed
My FTM-Tomb LP
  • FTM-Tomb LP - check Tombswap