What is the difference between APY and APR

APY stands for annual percentage yield and takes into account compound interest (your rewards will be added to your stake to grow faster).
APR stands for annual percentage rate and does not take compound interest into account (as if you claim your reward and do not reinvest it).

Why is the price so high/low?

Price is controlled completely by supply and demand. If people are buying, the price increases. If they are selling, the price decreases. Given the relatively low liquidity of $Charge across all chains, the price impact of sizable sells or buys is more dramatic.

How is the price of LP tokens calculated?

We use the Uniswap method to determine LP Price:
  • Amount = The quantity of token X inside the LP
  • Price = The current market price of token X
(Amount(A) * Price(A) + Amount(B) * Price(B)) / Total LP Supply